Bass Musician Magazine - 8th Anniversary Issue with Stu Hamm - Page 55

1) Take the exercise… CHROMATIC APPROACHES IN ACTION PART 4 7 (b 5) C min Electric Bass ANDREA FASCETTI ? 4 œ œ bœ œ bœ bœ œ œ 4 bœ nœ œ bœ œ bœ b œ ‰ ©ANDREA FASCETTI What happens here? I wrote a very easy two-chord vamp just to show you how you can play a simple solo over a half diminished chord line using chromatic approaches. Remember: do not use a metronome! Only when you have the exercise ‘under your fingers’, should you use a metronome. As usual play the exercise as fast as you can. 2) Transpose the exercise in all keys. 3) Analyze how I used the notes and then write exercises on your own. Good luck and have a good practice time.