Bass Musician Magazine - 8th Anniversary Issue with Stu Hamm - Page 32

Are you planning to make a solo album? Pedals: Eventually, yes. As of now, I am enjoying being BOSS BB-1X (Bass Driver) busy writing/collaborating with some amazing BOSS ODB-3 (Bass Distortion) musicians. BOSS RC-3 (Loop) BOSS GEB-7 (Bass Equalizer) How do you manage the incredible fan base you gained in these years? From Kiesel Carvin Guitars: I really enjoy talking with everyone, especially Vanquish V59K in-person at events such as NAMM and Bass Vanquish V49K Player Live. It makes me happy being able to socialize in real life, but also online since we’re From DR Strings: all over the world. Sometimes it’s very difficult Pure Blues to respond to everyone, especially on Facebook NEON Multi-color and Instagram, so I urge everyone to tweet me Fat Beams on Twitter. There, I can respond to everyone. It is much easier to see all the comments/questions From GruvGear: as opposed to other social platforms. Fretwrap for 4 and 5 string basses SoloStrap Neo | 08.15 What gear are you currently using? From BOSS/Roland: Any suggestions for our BMM readers? Roland Cube 10GX (Guitar & Bass) Be yourself and do what makes you happy. Roland Microcube GX (Guitar) Roland Workstation FA-08 (Keyboards/ Thanks for this interview, you rock! producing) Thank you for having me! Bass Musician Roland KR-5 (Piano) Magazine is awesome!