Bass Musician Magazine - 8th Anniversary Issue with Stu Hamm - Page 31

Ciao Anna, how did you get started playing bass? Ciao Alberto! I got into playing the bass when I was about 15 at School of Rock. I started School of Rock when I was 12, after taking several years of classical piano lessons at a music school. When I started SOR, I started with guitar, and kept playing piano/keyboards, and since one of the principles of School of Rock is to make the student as well rounded of a musician as possible, bass was next on my instruments to learn. Who are some of your major influences? For bass: Les Claypool, Flea, Geddy Lee, Cliff Burton, Tim Commerford, Christopher Wolstenholme, Victor Wooten. For guitar: James Hetfield, Jimi Hendrix, John Petrucci, Jimi Page. Which are your current bands? I am currently working with other YouTubers on a collaboration project – Emil & Dariel (America’s Got Talent) and Casey Cooper (COOP3RDRUMM3R). I am also working on a project with Kevin Martin from Candlebox, being produced by Matt Hutchinson.