Bass Musician Magazine - 8th Anniversary Issue with Stu Hamm - Page 26

So overall, the bass community is really Hans-Peter Wilfer, the CEO, and Marcus supportive of each other, with very few Spangler, the instrument designer, at Warwick exceptions. were doing. They were sort of after me, talking to me, then I was in Germany on tour and I There’s a new collaboration for you with planned to spend a day with Marcus. They have Warwick. How did that come about? a really good thing going there. Hans-Peter is really passionate about working with the bass It’s hard to believe that I was the first bass player community. We built a couple of basses and to ever have a Fender signature bass. It’s hard we only had one spectacular failure, which to believe because in my mind I’m still a kid was absolutely great. We were sitting around riding his bike around Champagne, Illinois, but and came up with this idea, “Man, this is the I’ve been playing bass for 42, 43 years now. greatest idea ever. I can’t believe no one has I take it seriously and I’m a total bass geek! ever thought of this for bass guitars. We’re I love bass guitars. Every time I walk into a geniuses! It’s going to set the world on fire!” It music store to do a clinic, I love to look around. turns out it was a really stupid idea that didn’t I go right to the bass section and play – they’re work and that’s why I guess no one had ever just so cool looking! done it before. But dammit, we tried it! It was cool that we took a little bit of what we learned So I learned a lot designing the bass with from that and inserted into version 2.0 of the Fender, we had the short scale, strings through bass and I’m thinking the next one is going to the body, we switched to a longer scale, and we be the one that makes it to market. changed the bridge. I learned a lot about wood. Then I was with Washburn for a while. Again, I’m wearing many different hats, but when you’re doing what I’m doing you have be Then Steve Bailey and a bunch of guys had aware of the market size thing, designing an been telling me a bunch of stuff about what instrument that it’s going to fit a small niche with