Bass Musician Magazine - 8th Anniversary Issue with Stu Hamm - Page 24

completely different tones for bass; there’s three completely different styles for bass. It was cool. The triple bass treat: Ove is a German dude, so he has sort of a different space, culturally, where he’s coming form, which is nice. Divinity – she’s so happenin’! She didn’t start to play bass until she was like 18. She was a journalist student at Cal-Berkley and was doing some poetry reading and rapping when someone gave her a bass and she could just play this incredible groove and rap at the same time. I guess I had never worked with a rapper who knew what they were doing and that’s not really my purview. I got to see her work every night and the rhythms that she does, the rhymes she’s coming up with - she’s a great bass player and is just so open. She’s a smart woman, just a sponge to learn anything and pick up anything and plays completely different than I do with | 08.15 technique and approach. It’s great!