Bass Musician Magazine - 8th Anniversary Issue with Stu Hamm - Page 23

I was showing Sinbad the comedian, who had – “Have you heard this?” and “Check this out” literally been playing bass for 3 days – I showed and it’s a cool thing. him if you hold your hand this way you can outline the major triad, this way the minor triad, I’ve been around the G3 things with guitar then you can look at something where some players and there’s just more competition of the chords are major and some of them are there, because the nature of the instrument. minor and create a bass line, outline the chords The guitar is sort of out front, soloing, “look and connect those two things to make music at me, look at me, look at me”, that kind of and make a bass line. And that’s fine! thing. And drummers – that’s a whole other thing! If you have to hit things to make noise to You spend a lot of time with other bass get attention, I don’t know what that says about players, whether through clinics, or the you! In deference to all of my wonderful, great BX3 project, or most recently, the Triple drummer friends! But it’s a different thing – it’s Bass Treat with Divinity Roxx and Ove very physical kind of thing, where bass players Bosch. What are your thoughts on the are cerebral, fit for a tour director or musical bass community? director or someone to take charge. When it all falls apart, whom do they look to? It’s usually I think that certain people’s personalities the bass player. I can’t tell you how many gigs lead them to what instruments they play. The I’ve been on where I wasn’t hired as the musical people who gravitate toward bass are usually director, but I find out that if I don’t take over, non-confrontational, not overtly egotistical, this thing is going to fall apart, and I’m not enablers. Like at the Warwick bass camp, willing to let that happen. where everyone is there, there’s no competition, there’s no, “I’m not going to do this, because So, they’re all different. The first BX3 thing was you’re going to try steal my gig”, with very few great. You have to pick the right guys, because exceptions. People are friendly and share licks when Jeff and Billy and I play there’s three