Bass Musician Magazine - 8th Anniversary Issue with Stu Hamm - Page 21

We’re in a time where anyone can Why wouldn’t you want to learn to read treble learn licks through a number of means. clef, bass clef, and sight read and learn that What’s the appropriate way to bridge way of the language and learning ideas? Not the tradition of bass with the evolution taking anything away from cats that just play by of bass? ear. I know cats that are just so fast at learning that way and whatever cultural traditions came There’s no way. While I certainly have my form that style of learning music – it’s all very opinions, I think the whole world gets in trouble valid. Whatever you do is going to work for when we confuse opinion with fact. Everyone you. I would certainly like to always err on the has their own journey in life as a person and side of knowledge. Why wouldn’t you want to their own journey musically. I certainly have learn that? my opinions, which are that I’m glad that I approached music the way I did, having a real It’s like TAB – I’m not anti-TAB, because there sound background from playing piano, violin, are books of my transcriptions. TAB is a great and drums from an early age, and choral music, way of saying “Hey, I play this note on the and just learning to speak that language. The 15th fret of the A string”, where someone may first time that I had to learn a rock song by ear, look at it and say, “I’m going to play it on the it was “Whipping Post”, it was a very different 10th fret of the D string” It can be used as a experience for me. A lot of people come to tool for fingering and it’s wonderful. As far as popular music from the other direction. people that are learning by just looking where to put your fingers, well, that’s great if you’re Part of me would have to take the tack of, if a first or second grader! And too, if that works you are going to be a traditional musician or for you, that’s great, because yesterday, at a really care about being good, why wouldn’t you guitar workshop in San Diego a