Bass Musician Magazine - 8th Anniversary Issue with Stu Hamm - Page 19

ways to bridge them together to make a solo this show called Teatro Zinzanni that was sort of bass piece interesting. like Cirque de Soleil, theater with great actors and performers with a live band. I ended up How do you see yourself – as a solo getting the gig and writing a bunch of music for bass player or as a bass player who has it. When I went into the audition I sight read, advanced solo bass playing? I read charts, and I followed the moves. The M.D., a great, great musician named Norman I feel the latter. Most of my work is just playing Durkee, said, “Man, that was the best audition bass…and I’m pretty good at it! A couple of off- that I’ve ever seen in my years of doing things!” handed compliments I’ve gotten: every year at The fact of the matter was, if he had any sort the NAMM show on Saturday night the acoustic of popular rock, instrumental, or jazz view of guitarist Muriel Anderson hosts a show called music, because I was Stu Hamm, I probably the All-Star Guitar Night, sponsored by TrueFire, wouldn’t have even gotten the audition. He the company that did my instructional videos. would’ve said, “Oh man, that’s the guy that For the last 4, 5, 6 years, Danny Gotlieb and I plays ‘Foggy Mountain Breakdown’ on the have been the house musicians and were called bass” you don’t want him to play these songs to play with acoustic harp players, straight with a French singer!” ahead blues players, rock shredders, country dudes, surf dudes… We get to the show and I certainly love to be challenged and interested there’s no tapping or any of that nonsense or in what I’m doing. If I do too much of one or the solo bass crap, I just play bass and groove other, I get bored. It’s fun to play solo; it gives with Danny. And Brad Wendkos, the owner of me a lot of freedom, but then there’s interacting TrueFire says, “You know what? You’re a good with other guys. The subliminal power that you bass player!” Well, yeah, duh! have as a bass player; it sort of directs what’s going on behind the scenes on a certain level. When I was in San Francisco, I auditioned for