Bass Musician Magazine - 8th Anniversary Issue with Stu Hamm - Page 18

“Harmoni-Cali” is all harmonics, “Te Extraño” and driving it on. Then on November 8, 1978 is all tapping, “Slap Happy” is all slapping, I saw Jaco with Weather Report do his solo “Just a Blues” has a lot of guitar techniques, thing – you know, I had heard bass players and so everyone can use these techniques to play solos, sort of like Chris Squire’s version learn solo bass. of “The Fish” live off of Yes Songs, where it’s kind of a solo, there’s drums and guitars there What we try to do is tell a story, but if that story and he’s playing in time - but Jaco sort of blew is just “Look how fast I can play E minor”, that the lid off of what could be possible on electric story gets boring. bass. Then I just tried to see how much of my cl assical piano repertoire I could translate into Could you talk about your path of finding electric bass and quickly ran out of digits and the way to incorporate these techniques ways to get all of the notes to come out. At into your playing? that time there was Van Halen and Steve Vai | 08.15 and tapping was starting, but not outside of Growing up, I was surrounded by an academic, that style of music. So I just saw there was a musical family in the collegiate environment. way to, instead of fretting the note with one I studied piano, as well as popular music and finger and making it sound by plucking with jazz, but I was always attracted to people who the other hand, hammer straight down on the could really play their instruments. My favorite string and let your other hand be free to play musician is Glenn Gould; I listen to a little bit something else. That made the bass a much of Glenn every day. I was always amazed how more polyphonic instrument. Then, listening one guy and one instrument could make you to guys like Percy Jones, who was sliding feel so much emotion. harmonics in Brand X and the chordal stuff that Jeff Berlin was doing and all of the open string I played the traditional role of the bass, outlining notes that Stanley [Clarke] uses, it just sort of the harmony and the melody, holding it together blurred all together. I just tried to figure out