Bass Musician Magazine - 8th Anniversary Issue with Stu Hamm - Page 15

The majority of it was recorded up in the Bay The solo suite…you know it’s funny. The area, the East Bay, with a bunch of my friends electric bass was invented 66 years ago and up there. I’ve found that the best way to be it’s still an instrument very much in its infancy. a good composer is to hire some really good When I was growing up, it was such a different guys and give them a lot of room to do their world. I remember my first time seeing Larry thing. I love to hire cats that hear something in Graham pop a string on the bass. I went to a music that I wrote that I didn’t hear! Then, I just music store and picked up a bass off of the wall let them do their thing. and was trying to figure out what the hell he was doing! I didn’t invent solo bass playing The album opens and closes with band or tapping, but I was around when those pieces and then what is perhaps best techniques were introduced and I believe that described is a “bass suite” is performed I helped to shape them. in between? Now you have bass players that are 12 years old It is. What I wanted to do, especially with and they’re exposed to me and other players on “The Book of Lies” and “Lucy in the Sky With YouTube. This whole new chapter on technique Diamonds”, was to capture a live performance. is being written and that’s how much bass “Lucy in Sky With Diamonds”, with Carl playing has occurred, just in my lifetime. Now Verheyen on guitar and Jason Harrison Smith that solo bass is a bit of a thing, I realized that [on drums] - we had been on the road, Jason there’s not a whole lot of actual written music and I, with Carl, playing in his band, for about for the instrument. I wrote these pieces that are 10 weeks in Europe and we played that song each stand-alone, formative pieces that anyone every night. As soon as we got off the road I got can learn to play. The subliminal aspect is that into the studio – we were actually at Sweetwater each piece is written with a different technique in Fort Worth, Indiana - and that’s just one take! to use as a strategy to make a piece of solo bass playing interesting. One piece is all chords,