Bass Musician Magazine - 8th Anniversary Issue with Stu Hamm - Page 14

Along with his solo and lead bass work, Stu’s However, applying the “monster” status as a contributions as a sideman should not be thin identification, based only on technical overlooked. In fact, Stu will attest to being ability, does not do justice in this case. He is a bass player first and a soloist second. Stu absolutely a great player, but is also a monster is well known for accompanying guitarists composer, bandleader, clinician, accompanist, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, both separately soloist, and more. The impact of his pioneering and during the G3 guitar series. Stu has also playing and the contribution of those ideas joined guitarist Frank Gambale and drummer to the bass community have truly altered the Steve Smith for 3 recordings as a group known course and history of our instrument. as GHS. In addition, Stu maintains a steady workload of recording for a wide range of Stu Hamm, much more than a monster. artists. What is the story that you are telling As if these roles weren’t enough, Stu through “The Book of Lies”? | 08.15 collaborates with Warwick to design innovative instruments that meet his playing demands. A As you become a more mature bass player, you self-described “bass geek”, Stu has worked care less about the reception of your music alongside Warwick’s designers to develop and I certainly continue to evolve as a bass instruments from the ground up. The attention player and as a composer. Especially earlier in given to wood, pickups, and strings is of the my career the records were, in some way, an same intensity that is put into Stu’s playing. attempt to appeal to markets like the Satrianiand Vai-heads to sell some records. But now, Looking back at the aforementioned introduction it’s a recording – it’s a recording of the music to Mr. Hamm as a monster, the label still holds that I was writing at the end of 2014 and a true. His playing abilities, viewed years after reflection of what I was going through in my my first introduction, are absolutely scary. life and the experiences I was having.