Bass Musician Magazine - 8th Anniversary Issue with Stu Hamm - Page 10

STU HAMM Interview by Steve Gregory STU HAMM The handwritten label on the recording was simple: BASS MONSTERS – Stu Hamm, etc. I had only started to learn the daunting 1-3-5-6-b7 blues pattern (with proper fingering, mind you) a week prior. The names of the open strings were memorized, but anything more complicated was still foreign to me. I was an eager novice, just beginning my musical journey. I am unsure if my instructor felt that I would experience exponential growth after destabilizing my basic understanding of bass or if he was just bored and wanted to be amused by my reaction, but I do know that our | 08.15 exchange went something like this: “Here. Listen to this.” “Who is Stu Hamm? What kind of music is it?” “Just listen to it. Track 1. It’s just him, live, playing bass.” >>MORE MUSIC