Baseball Weekly Report - Page 7

GNAC  in  NCAA  Statistical  Rankings   GNAC  teams  and  individuals  ranked  among  the  top  20  in  the  latest  NCAA  statistical     Rankings:  Through  Games  of  March  2   Team  Category   Hitting   Doubles     Hits   Hit  By  Pitch   Sac  Bunts   Triples   Pitching   Shutouts     Fielding   Double  Plays   Double  Plays  per  Game   Individual  Category   Hitting   Doubles     Home  Runs   RBI’s   Sac  Bunts     Sac  Flies     Total  Basses     Triples       Pitching   Appearances         Complete  Games     Saves   Strikeouts  per  9  Innings   Victories   Fielding Institution   Avg./Total   Rank   Northwest  Nazarene   Montana  State  Billings   Montana  State  Billings   Western  Oregon   Montana  State  Billings   Northwest  Nazarene   37   35   184   21   16   9   t-­‐9     th t-­‐11     th 10     th t-­‐16   th t-­‐6     th t-­‐4     Western  Oregon   Northwest  Nazarene   3   2   t-­‐4     th t-­‐11     Western  Oregon   Western  Oregon   Player,  School   27   1.35   Avg./Total   1     th 9     Rank   Colter  Sternhagen,  MSUB   Tyler  Davis,  NNU   Luke  Reinschmidt,  MSUB   Luke  Reinschmidt,  MSUB   Casey  Merritt,  MSUB   Jacob  Whisler,  WOU   Bret  Bitow,  MSUB   Marcus  Hinkle,  WOU   Luke  Reinschmidt,  MSUB   Brody  Miller,  MSUB   Andrew  Helmstadter,  NNU   Bret  Bitow,  MSUB   Tyler  Davis,  NNU     Lee  Busto,  MSUB   Brady  Miller,  WOU   Shawn  Domke,  WOU   Jacob  Storedahl,  WOU   Colen  McGuire,  NNU   Brandon  Williams,  CWU   Andrew  Groves,  NNU   Brandon  Williams,  CWU   Jake  Reppert,  NNU   8   7   6   22   5   4   3   3   49   43   3   2   2   t-­‐7     th t-­‐19     th t-­‐6     th t-­‐10     th t-­‐4     th t-­‐13     th t-­‐4     th t-­‐4     th t-­‐6     th t-­‐20     rd t-­‐3     th t-­‐13     th t-­‐13     10   9   8   8   2   2   4   15.28   3-­‐0/1.00   th th st GNAC  Championship   The  2015  GNAC  Championship  will  be  held   on  May  7-­‐8  at  the  site  of  the  regular   season  champion.     The  championship  is  a  three  team,  two-­‐ day  round-­‐robin  tournament.  Each  team   to  make  the  tournament  will  be   guaranteed  two  games  with  the   championship  played  on  Friday,  May  8.     This  will  be  the  championships  third  year.   Western  Oregon  took  home  the  first  GNAC   championship  trophy  in  2013  while  Central   Washington  took  the  crown  in  2014.     TWITTER  HANDLES   GNAC  ....................  #GNACbaseball   CWU………………….…@CWUBaseball   MSUB  ..................   @MSUBBaseball   NNU  ......................  @NNUBaseball   SMU  .........................  @SMUSaints   WOU  ....................  @WOUBaseball   th   GNAC  MEDIA  RELATIONS   Baseball  SID  .........  Nathan  Webber   Office  Phone  ..........  (503)305-­‐8756   E-­‐Mail  .     nd t-­‐2     th t-­‐4     th t-­‐13     th t-­‐13     th t-­‐6     th t-­‐6     rd t-­‐3     th 12     th t-­‐20     GNAC  Baseball  Players  of  the  Week   Week  of   Feb.  2-­‐8   Feb.  9-­‐15   Feb.  16-­‐22   Feb.  23-­‐Mar.  1   Mar.  2-­‐8   Mar.  9-­‐15   Mar.  16-­‐22   Mar.  23-­‐29   Mar.  30-­‐Apr.  5   Apr.  6-­‐12   Apr.  13-­‐19   Apr.  20-­‐26   Apr.  27-­‐May  3   May  4-­‐10         Player   Week  in  Stats   Kyle  Thomson,  NNU   9  hits,  4  2B,  5  RBI’s,  7  Runs   Chandler  Tracy,  SMU   5  hits,  3  HR’s,  3  RBI’s,  6  Runs   Luke  Reinschmidt,  MSUB  12  hits,  4  HR’s,  13  RBI’s,  9  R   Darren  Honeysett,  CWU   3  HR’s,  8  RBI’s,  4  Runs,  3  SB   Pitcher   Brandon  Williams,  CWU   Jake  Reppert,  NNU   Michael  Bennett,  WOU   Riley  Moore,  SMU  |  @GNACsports  |  #GNACbaseball   Week  in  Stats   0.00  ERA,  7.0  IP,  No-­‐Hitter,  13  K’s   0.00  ERA,  7.0  IP,  5  K’s,  CG,  ShO     0.00  ERA,  5.0  IP,  5  K’s  vs  #2  LCSC   0.00  ERA,  7.0  IP,  5  K’s,  CG,  ShO