Barnacle Bill Magazine February 2016 - Page 9

Left: Viking Longship, Draken will be 9 departing for Vinland in may. Below: get some excercise, join Justin Coleman on his 2017 join a tall ship with a difference, the Tres Hombres has no engine and is completely reliant on her sails for propulsion. They are actively looking for paid trainees and sailors to join them - the rates are very reasonable and you can sign on for all or part of the voyage. A full return voyage will cost you about 10,000 euros but takes 6 months. Shorter legs are cheaper. If you don’t fancy a transatlantic crossing then Fairtransport run the 50 tonne Isle of Wight Lugger on trading runs between Portugal and the Baltic, stopping off in Spain, France, England, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden. Again, you can sign on for legs as short as 1 day up to the whole voyage. Fairtransport also act as agents for the new Isle of Wight Lugger, Greyhound which trades between Spain, France and England. Again, legs vary in cost. These are superb opportunities for anyone with a serious interest in sailing ships and who would like to improve their general seamanship skills and those specifically related to a tall ship. When the Bill Juniors reach an appropriate age they will be signed on the Tres Hombres even if I have to pay the skipper to kidnap them! (See Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson). It’s just a pity the Royal Navy no longer takes boys at 8 years! VIKINGS NO LONGER WANTED! In May 2016, after many years work the colossal Draken Harald Hårfagre, an ocean going Viking L ongship will set sail for the New World with a crew of volunteers. Having invited applications, the organisers have just announced that the list for applications is now closed at 4000. They will have a lot of work to do to cut that down to the crew, they haven’t indicated on their website how many but with that level of response there will be a few disappointed applicants. Draken Harald Hårfagre is 35 meters long, 8 meters wide and the mast reaches 24 meters. She is sailed with a 260 square meters large sail and rowed with 25 pairs of oars. During the trail sailing the summer of 2014 she reached a top speed of 14 knots. When sailing expedition America she will be crewed by 32 skilled sailors. The Draken will be following the route roughly taken by Leif Erikson, so Iceland, Greenland, Canada and into the Great Lakes. The Draken is an open ship so it will be pretty tough, it’s worth pointing out that the organisers don’t claim that this is an accurate replica of the sort of boats the Norsemen used for such voyages, rather it is inspired by the Norse warships of the time. Their 2014 voyage round the North Sea was marred by losing their mast, hopefully the transatlantic voyage will be without such drama. We will be following their voyage closely as you can at their website: ROBBINS TIMBER SPONSORS BBM’s First OZ GOOSE We are delighted to report that Robbins Timber, manufacturers and suppliers of leading marine ply in the UK have offered to sponsor the build of our UK OzGooseRV. If you read last month’s issue you will be aware that we have launched a project to prove that a capable, safe and easy to build dinghy can be completed for the same cost as the Mirror Dinghy kit cost in 1962, when it was launched. We are hugely grateful to Andy, Sarah and the team at Robbins for making this project a reality and we’ll be calling on their expertise when required. Rob- bins are committed to supporting new boat building in the UK and in growing the self build sector. Don’ t miss our update on the project in this month’s issue. **STOP PRESS** - we’ve just heard from Michael Storer that Really Simple Sails in the Philippines are generously sponsoring the sail for the OzGoose Project Build thank you to Mik and the team at RSS BBM PARTNERS WITH KIELDER WATER SAILING CLUB Barnacle Bill is delighted to announce that we will be collaborating with Julie Gibbon and Bill Haylock of Kielder Water Sailing Club in testing the OzGoose project and several other raids and projects. Julie runs Cruising at the club and they have frequent picnics and camping trips on Western Europe’s largest man made lake. They also do annual trips to parts of Scotland. Bill is the Dinghy Cruising Association representative for the North East of England and the Borders, he is passionate about encouraging small boat recreation and dinghy cruising. We are really looking forward to working with both Julie and Bill to encourage people to get on the water. Bill is about to start building a Tom Dunderdale designed Apple, he’s currently working out what sail plan and options to go with. Bill was previously a keen adventure sailor of a Drascombe Lugger, we’ll be featuring an article by him in nest month’s issue, March. You can find out more about Kielder Water Sailing Club here: http://www. Based right on the border with Scotland, the club attracts members from both sides of the border and is a truly magnificent venue.