BARDO Magazine Issue 1 - Page 33

Beatastic's first release 'Antimatter' marries moody new wave with electronic indie pop. Post-punk guitar riffs lay a solid ground throughout his album, creating a beautiful sonic swirl of greatness.

Tuff Wizard are five folks from Wellington, New Zealand. Their latest release 'Gap/Telling' is comforting, with their first track 'The Gap Between My Two Front Teeth' filling up your heart with nostalgia of early Together Pangea! (when they were simply Pangea) and Plumtree.

Happy Diving are a Northern California band that crush in heavy-weighted gats that make your soul somewhat melt in the process. Heavy rock riffs with sweet solos? Yes. The Cap't Crunch-iness of each song throws you towards a Pity Sex vibe, along with the mythical noise-rock brother of Rivers Cuomo who didn't go down towards Beverly Hills...