Barcelona Photo Research (Immersion) - Page 4

On the first day we went for a walk on La Rambla, but it was an unusual walk, we needed to be blind folded and let our other senses feel what we ‘’ see ‘’ on La Rambla. There are times that I felt scared because I couldn’t see who is coming near me, but could hear people walking close by me. And there’re times that I can smell plants from the flower shops and the sweets from Ice cream shop or waffle café, those I’ve never go near or pay attention to when I walk on la Rambla on daily bases. I could hear people walking toward me or away from me just by listen as if I can see them, and the cars or buses stopping for passengers to cross the streets.

This day we went to El Raval, I’ve been told that it is the oldest part in city, it is full of immigrants and is the most complicated area. We went in a small street with a variety of vintage stores and second hand shops. There’re a lot of different material of clothing including animal fur. Also we noticed that almost every store has its own small décor for wishing wealth. Then we went to find the newest and the oldest café in the area, we discovered that in this area we might find a cheap and cute café.

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