Barcelona Photo Research (Immersion) - Page 19

Barcelona / 7 November 2013 19

Metro story

The story of contagious yawn

Luis is a Mexican who recently moved to Barcelona because he traveled here few years ago and loved it here, unfortunately this year when he came, he doesn’t know anyone in Barcelona, due to his outgoing optimistic and fun nature, he decided to go on the metro for a fun ride and try to meet some people. Tomas is a student who studies in Barcelona, it happens to be the mid-term exam this week, he has a lot of things going on. There was a man sitting next to Tomas who was simply felt bored and start yawning. Tomas heard the yawn and start to drift off and felt asleep, then the girl sitting next to the door saw them and started to feel sleepy too. Luis instantly felt the contagious yawn spreading in the metro, he decided to get off and take another ride to see if other could be different.

Real-life Character

Flower shop owner

When I saw him at first, he was saying goodbye to a woman as they are really close friends. After the woman left, there was a woman with a baby came to him for greeting but not for the flowers. The man seems very nice and around 70 years old. He was taking care of the flowers at the same time. Due to the things I saw, I think he is a loving and well caring person, and he was simply selling flower on la Rambla because he like to talk to people and make friends.

Girls wearing towels

These girls caught my attention because I was wearing a sweater and I still felt cold. Then I saw these girls wearing bathing suit with only a towel covered up. They were at the ticket stand asking information. Judged by one of the girls’ skin ton, I assumed they were tourist from England, and came to Barcelona to see the football match. In the day, they would go to the beach for relax and go to see the game at night.

Recycle picking man

This was a man who came to me when I was waiting for a friend, he looked me into the eye with the maddest stare. I backed off and he said nothing and went to the bin to pick up newspaper. He looked at the papers for a moment like he was scanning something in the paper, then he choose the ones he wants. I think he was out of job and was trying to look for a job or maybe it’s because the weather is getting colder and he needed some good, unbroken paper to warm him. Another reason might be he need good recycling paper to sell and make some money.