BAMLife Issue 2 - Page 7

Read more at Yoga and travels In January 2016 Adventure Yogi was voted by The Sunday Times in the top 20 yoga retreat companies in the world, a great start to the year! In 2010 Wenche started to work with Adventure Yogi, one of the UK’s top leading yoga retreat and holiday companies sharing a passion for yoga in inspiring locations. Mixing travels and yoga (or adventures) offers a perfect way to relax and escape. Whether you are unwinding in the English countryside or beside a sandy beach in the tropics the locations and activities are selected to recharge your batteries. We thought you might like to tune into some of the incredible places you can enjoy yoga in an inspiring location. We asked Wenche for some of her favourites… Egypt proved to be a heart-warming country that shares openly their culture and open hearts, which was amplified by staying in Beduoin tents in an eco camp at the edge of the Red Sea. Stunning sunsets and falling asleep under a blanket of stars and waking for yoga whilst catching those sun rays was incredible. Of course the history is world famous. India, the motherland of Yoga offers a pure way to appreciate the teachings of yoga and its deep roots. The people were so humble and have an amazing quality to enjoy life no-matter the circumstances. This blew me away. Sri Lanka and its natural beauty and innocence are simply mind-blowing. The people are wonderfully kind and thrive on making sure you are the happiest you can be. The stunning wildlife from the jungle to the beach leaves you with beautiful memories and sense of paradise. Magical Santorini, Greece has a lively energy where life is to be lived to the fullest. Chilling by the poolside, eating good local food, sailing the Aegean Sea or strolling around volcanic islands becomes the daily routine…the Greeks for sure know how to enjoy themselves and its contagious. The Tobago and the Caribbean vibe is all about love and not to worry… everything will be alright…the Islands have their own unique pace, their own flow, as you surrender into the slow and joyful way of life. The Island offers some of the most stunning beaches in the world, great cuisine, paddle boarding to kite surfing. We asked the obvious question, “What is your favourite destination?” She replied, “I adore them all… to me they are all magic in their own unique way, with personalities and cultures offering so much… go explore and see you for yourself.” 7