BAMLife Issue 2 - Page 29

Read more at Challenges for charity There are many treks, challenges and adventures that are hosted by different charities as a means of raising money. This is a great way to complete an adventure leaving it memorable by making a difference to others through fundraising. These also tend to attract a good mix of people taking part. Setting a world record Many adventurers set their stall by completing a world first or world record attempt. Some of our BAMbassadors hold interesting world records including Dave Cornthwaite who skateboarded across Australia and Andy North and Ben Woods who cycled ‘Race to Space’, up and down the Mount Ventoux repeatedly (part of the Tour De France Route). For me personally my adventures have not been motivated by this although I do believe 15 punctures in five seconds in the Sahara may have been a new world record! Bungee jump Tough Guy sporting a monster hangover after a night out and a game of rugby. It did not go well but at least I finished. More recently I was invited to compete in the Yukon River Quest, a 500-mile canoe race in Canada’s remote wilderness which has required lots of training and support to make it possible (thanks to Canadian Affair and BAM for helping). Connecting to wildlife and nature The world is an amazing and inspiring playground and getting close to wildlife and nature is one of my personal motivations for adventure. In the Yukon and Canada alone I have enjoyed seeing bears, wolves, humpbacks, eagles, beaver, moose, orcas and other animals in their home. I often say that prior to my adventures I had only seen some of them on TV or in the zoo, quite a stark contrast. Package trip adventures If you are wondering how to get started and make a start with more adventures in your life, the good news is that you can embark on a package trip adventure. Research a destination or adventure that floats your boat, take a small piece of plastic (debit card) with your name on it and book up. These adventures can include climbing mountains such as Kilimanjaro or trekking in South America. The benefit of this style of adventure is that it provides you with a safety net with guides and instructors to provide local knowledge and expert skills. It is worth noting there are many local tour operators and activity providers who can deliver your perfect adventure in the country you are travelling in. Travelling Book a destination, continent or journey around the planet using airlines and a backpack to explore new Siem Reap Cambodia Andy North 29