BAMLife Issue 2 - Page 28

Shop online at Painting your adventure canvas By Richard Harpham An adventurous spirit exists within all of us. Whether we fully embrace it depends on history, opportunity, conflicting pressures and a host of other factors. For a large part of my time I am either teaching paddling or adventurous skills and regularly witness people finding their adventure mojo. This might be simply a night camping in an iconic location, or catching a wave or enjoying a mountain top view. Here at Bamboo Clothing from Dave the Founder to fellow Director Nicole to our family of BAMbassadors, adventure is something we thrive on. We thought we would share some ideas and inspiration on different ways you can unlock your adventurous side and paint your adventure canvas. Of course our goals and passion for adventure are motivated by different experiences and feelings and the way we plan or approach each challenge. Personally I have embraced adventure in many different formats and have found each one rewarding in different ways. Adventure races Adventure races are all the rage ranging from obstacle races, multi-sport races featuring running, paddling and biking and of course single discipline tough endurance racing in arduous or remote environments. My first experience of adventure racing was years ago doing ‘Tough Guy’ where I was thoroughly unprepared and Spot the Yukon wolf 28