BAMLife Issue 2 - Page 24

Shop online at The 80:20 rule of sustainability By Richard Harpham ere at Bamboo Clothing we genuinely care about the environment and the planet we live on. This is made easier by the fact we live and breathe a clothing company made in a more ethical way. Our bamboo is from sustainable sources and we use organic cotton for blended fabrics. We use biodegradable packaging for sending out products to our customers and most of our meetings are conducted online avoiding a big carbon footprint. Obviously we recognise that we are not perfect but we do try and make a difference where we can. H On a personal basis then, key members of our team also work hard to reduce our impact on the planet. David, our founder, was set on building an ethical clothing brand, whilst Nicole, director and shareholder is a keen upcycler and outdoor fanatic. For me, like many of our BAMbassadors I have witnessed the best and the worst of our environment, from wild animals in their natural environment to pollution and deleterious effects. Don’t worry we don’t want to make this a rant or preachy piece but more a simple guide to improving your green credentials and reducing your personal or family footprint. 24 Fun green projects There are plenty of fun green projects that can reduce your carbon footprint and make a difference. Start a compost heap and grow your own fruit and veg. Upcycling projects Avoid the traditional pattern of heading to a local shop or online to purchase furniture or household items. Head down to your reclaim yard or local charity shop and set yourself an upcycling challenge. Alternatively get some pallet or reclaimed wood and see what you can make for your house and garden. Why not? Visit and see what is available for free near you.