BAMLife Issue 2 - Page 21

Read more at Adventure Grant Elise Downing Running the coast of Great Britain Katie Tunn Living a month on an uninhabited island Age: 23 Nationality: British Previously: worked as customer care team leader at a food startup. Starts: work in progress Elise was not a runner, ran a half marathon which then morphed into her dream to run around Great Britain. Age: 30 Nationality: British Previously: Katie is an artist and marine conservationist. Starts: March/April 2016 Katie’s plan is to live alone on a remote, Scottish island for a month without human contact and electricity! George Kefford and Jason Crossing Stradbroke Island Robinson Ellin 48-hour cycle Holland Age: 14 Nationality: British and Australian Previously: attended school. Starts: December 2015 These guys took a boat out to a small desert island off the coast of Australia to complete a world first crossing on foot Age: 40 Nationality: British Previously: working as a teacher in Hertfordshire Starts: early 2016 Robinson’s cycling to the Anne Frank Museum in Holland and back in a 48 hours to highlight prejudice to his students. Richard Fairbrother Great Wall winter walk Abbie Barnes Walking all the National Trails Age: 42 Nationality: Australian Previously: living in Beijing. Starts: January 2016 There’s a particularly remote stretch of the Great Wall of China that is seldom walked, which Richard will attempt to walk this winter, solo and unsupported Age: 19 Nationality: British Previously: working as a freelance filmmaker for wildlif Bۜ\][ۈ[Y[\H[\”\Έ[\ LZ[Y[ݙ\ K Z[\YܙH[BXYH[[\[[H[و]\H][ۘ[Z[[HRYܙH\[[]\]KZXY[\^B[8&RY^ۈH^YX\ZBYN ][ۘ[]N]\][\N\[HH]Y[]ܝ[XXB[]\]Kܚ\[YH܈[XH\]K\Έ[X\H M[8&RY^\H\X[[H[XۈH\H[KZXY[[[X]ۈH^YX\XXHZY[Y\X\HZYو[[]\\ X\X[Z^\[[Z[H[وܛZBYN ][ۘ[]N\”][\NX\X[\HY[[Hܙ\[[Y\XX[\[[\]\XH[TˈH\][\BY[\[H[\[K\Έ[ M]]Z] [[X\X\X[[H][\[[[\ܝYYZ[ۙ[H[ۙH\[X[\ [Z][Y]BZܘY[H[YۚX[[[\Y[][[[^[[ŒL Y&H[\[‚YN ͈ [H[  Y] H][ۘ[]N]\][\N[ ܜ] K\Y[H[\\ܚ]\[\[X\[Y] \ H\Z[Z[[\YHYB[]]YH[ܙK\ΈX^H M\[[[]XH8&ZܘY8&H]YHXܛ[ YN \Y[K H [^ H][ۘ[]N[YX[\Y[[[^[H[\Z[ L Yو[\[˂[وHY[\Bܘ[[\\BZ[ٙ\YSB]^H[܂[\[[™[\YH[HۂZ\][˂X\Z\\ؚ[ۂ[[X\X[Z^\