BAMLife Issue 2 - Page 20

Shop online at The Next Challenge Dave (BAM Founder) What we loved about the entries to the competition was that they are all everyday folk. They captured that ‘light bulb’ moment, of which we are all capable. Now your new year’s resolutions are either in full swing or abandoned for another year, why not plan your own adventure? “The best adventure is the one that you take… Start now!” Abbie Barnes Ever wanted to head off into the wide blue yonder and explore? Feeling like there is something more in life that you want to achieve? Need help? Sounds like one of those self help adverts doesn’t it? Well, it’s fair to say from the stories we receive at BAM HQ that these are common traits amongst our extraordinary customers. You! Tim and Laura Moss are no strangers to adventure having previously cycled 13,000 miles visiting 27 countries and four continents, a fantastic husband and wife team. Previous escapades have also included swimming the River Thames, around the world in 80 ways, running the London tube and 1,000 miles on a rickshaw. We were delighted to support Tim’s Adventure Grant where he provided support and funding to some fantastic new adventure ideas. It received over 1,400 entries and Bamboo Clothing provided product sponsorship and a little cash to help. Tim harnessed support from Mark Beaumont (round the world cyclist), Margaret Bowling (ocean rower) and BAMbassadors Leon McCarron (adventurer), Dave Cornthwaite (25x1,000 mile journeys) and Richard Harpham (human powered adventurer). Whilst it is almost impossible to shortlist one adventure against another, the team settled on a mix of big and small adventures which inspired them with their blend of originality, simplicity and diversity. The top 10 were: Tim Moss adventurer and founder of the Next Challenge Adventure Grant /2016/04/12/592/ Elise Downing 20