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Welcome to BAMLife edition 2 We are back with the second instalment of inspiring stories and articles from the BAM family. You’ll find more news from our BAMbassadors, some comment around yoga and sustainability, and most importantly hear of some of your adventures. It is quite a milestone year for us at BAM. Our 10th year in business, starting from my garage and spare room at home and a mutual gut feeling that Bamboo Clothing would change the world – in a very minor way of course. We have been busy developing our SS16 range. Our Spring range has – so far - been our best selling ever and as always we try to be the best, anywhere, when it comes to customer service, so we’ll always look after you. ☺ We have welcomed new BAMbassadors, including Elise Downing who is currently running around Britain and existing BAMbassador Leon McCarron is walking 1,000 miles across the Middle East. We hope you continue to share your stories. We love reading them and we find it inspiring and motivating to think that our little brand is growing up with such a great bunch of customers. Thanks a million and enjoy. David BAM Founder Editor’s note We continue to be delighted by the exploits of our customers and the people we meet through running BAM. It never ceases to amaze and helps keep us motivated and energized, keeping the journey and growth of BAM alive and real. Your stories include hang gliding over Sydney, walking the Camino Trail and competing in the World Championships for Triathlon and that’s all before breakfast! We really hope you enjoy BAMLife and that you feel inspired to connect with like minded people, set goals and explore more. You will find more stories and updates on our blog site and social media so stay tuned. Please share BAMLife with your friends and family. Thanks for your support. Richard Harpham BAMbassador and Editor 2 CONTENTS Shop online at 04 08 13 16 18 20 22 24 28 My journey into yoga By Wenche Beard “How I became a triple world record holder aged 55” Fitness, health and endurance by Andy North, BAMbassador BAMbassador interview Squash Falconer, climber, paraglider and allround top egg BAMbassadors Meet more of our inspirational role models The BAMFiles Inspiring stories from you, our BAM customers The Next Challenge Adventure Grant Stories and great endeavours from Tim Moss’ grant that we supported Fitness, health and your well-being By David Gordon, BAM’s founder The 80:20 rule of sustainability A helpful look at how to be more sustainable by Richard Harpham, BAMbassador Painting your adventure canvas Ideas on different ways you can unlock your adventurous side by Richard Harpham, BAMbassador