BAMLife Issue 2 - Page 19

Read more at – your stories… David Hirtenstein’s long walk I am attaching a picture of my first BAMstand in the snowy mountains of southern Turkey in January, which brings me on to the next part of my story… I have been travelling for the last two and a half years by foot. Love your clothes and story… In October 2013, I set out from north Italy and my plan: to walk to India. You can see my blog here: tand-anoushkacarter.html Anoushka Carter’s Mongolian Expedition I went to the Himalayas last summer and have a picture of myself doing a BAMstand (come yoga style side crow pose!) on your website in which I am actually wearing a pair of your bamboo pants! I thoroughly support your attitude to the environment by incorporating sustainability into your company's ethics.  Send in your stories to SHOP ONLINE Save 10% on our best prices wi Ѡ 50()$܁ЁѥѼ)5ѡ́յȁѼɕ͕ɍѡ)́յՍѡɕ́Ѽ)ձɕ́չѥ̸$)ѡ́ݥѕɕЁѼ)ɕϊܹѥѡ̹()%ỸL!=)Qɔ݅́хɥ͡ЁɥѼM呹)Ʌݡɔ$ٕ݅́䁭䁱܁ȁ)5́ф́ɽѡ丁Qɕ́ݕɔ)ɅɅɽЁѡ Ք5չх́)MхݕAɬ()ٔ ὸՅ͠)ٔ ὸФ́Յ͠ЁѽչȁٕѠ)ѡ́չ䁅ɽ́ 4 ѡ)Iѱ͡ѕѡɽ ̸͡)]ٔ((((0