BAMLife Issue 2 - Page 17

Read more at The Meek family Family of Adventurers Ric ha rd Ha rp ha m Ad ven turer D ave C or nt hw a ite r Adven tu re r & A ut ho Leon McC arro n Adve nture r & Filmm aker Over the years we at BAM have met some incredible inspirational human beings, we love not only their zest for life, but their spirit for adventure. They have become true ambassadors for BAM and what we stand for. We embrace their journeys by sharing their adventures, dreams and milestones with you:) You can read interviews and more information about each BAMbassador on our website layer Ro ge r Pa lin ) Ou tdoo r In st ruct or (R M Sam Mould Adventurer & Artist Andrew New by Road Cyclis t An dy Reid Ve teran an d Ad ve nt ure r 17