BAMLife Issue 2 - Page 15

Read more at Do you think it is harder as a female to operate in this community / industry? It’s a huge privilege to be a role model to anybody; young or old, male or female. I think that it was once a male dominated community and industry but that is changing with more women getting involved and I love that. I also ditched sugar with amazing results, for body and mind. I find I do well and then fall spectacularly off the wagon usually with chocolate! I also work on training my mind so I can mentally deal with tiredness, change, stress, cold and the variety of things an expedition may throw at me. I try to create similar realistic situations and mini expeditions to prepare my mind. This includes taking a freezing cold shower in the morning which is unpleasant but one anyone to try. What are your values? Do you turn away any projects as a result? I’m adventurous, inquisitive and ambitious. Humour and happiness are important to me. I appreciate straightforward honesty and am accountable and dependable. Learning, improving myself or doing things for others are huge motivators. current project putting a huge amount of effort and energy in. In the months leading up to the Everest expedition, life balance was not a priority, being ready and prepared for the trip was. When I got back home though the balance was restored. It seems to run in these cycles. Do you have any causes you support or connect with? I have used my expeditions and adventures to raise awareness and money for wonderful causes, including: Cancer Research, Coppafeel, Treetops Hospice, The One Foundation, Plant with Purpose The Mt Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development in Nepal and Tibet and Worldserve International. I have been supporting charities in Nepal after the devastating earthquake. Where possible I like to do things for charity or have a positive effect on others which I find motivating when things get tough. Victor Frankl said, “Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how.’” Love it, so true. I turn projects down if they don’t seem like a good fit or don’t feel right. Do you have any big dreams? Finishing the TV show! The big dream of course is to be happy and content hopefully finding life balance in the process. Normally I get very involved in the 15