BAMLife Issue 2 - Page 14

Shop online at I climbed more, filmed more, and I did more work in the mountains. In 2009 I came up with an idea that would change everything. It combined three dreams into one adventure. I would ride a motorbike to the south of France, climb Mt Blanc and paraglide from the top of a high mountain. So it was simple: get there, climb it and (if) I reached the summit, I would fly off! Most people thought this was a crazy idea, but with the help of my partner in crime, the remarkable Irwyn Jehu, (who taught me to paraglide), we made a plan. It took months to source equipment such as a motorbike, a lightweight paraglider and a video camera. I didn’t have these things… nor any money! I used links with the BBC to convince BMW to loan a motorbike and links with BMW to convince the BBC to loan a video camera. Consequently Ozone promised to loan me a lightweight paraglider and harness. Against the odds my ‘creative blagging strategy’ worked! What happened next was the best bit – we only went and did it! I was the first British woman to successfully fly from the summit of Mt Blanc ensuring sponsors were happy. I was thrilled not to mention relieved! This project showed me how I could turn my adve ɕ́Ѽѽɥ́ݥѠمՔȁͽ̸)]Ѡ饹љѽ̀ѡ́Ѽѡ)ɽͥ䁽٥Mɑ́AѽɅ䤁$)ɽMMչѼIȁЀ)$ٕMݱѡ͔ɕɅ́ɕѼ)ݽɬݥѠٕɕЁٕ݅́ȁչхѡЁ݅)Ʌȸ!ݕٕȰѕȁɕѡյЁ) =԰Ŵѡ́)%ɑȁѼɐѼѡչхɥɥ́$)ݽɭݥѠѡ䰁MյЁ )ݡɥ̸$Ёͽ)չхȁݥѡЁ́͡$ձЁ)ѡչх́$ٔєͽͽ́)ٕɕЁ́ɥх$)ɔ!٥ٕȁѼչٕͥ$ѡ)ݽձͽՑЁѼ͕)ݥѠѠѡ丁$՝)Ѽ䁉$݅ѕѼѡЁݽѡ)ݽɱѼ䁙ɽѡٕɕЁMյи$ЁѼ)ѡѽѡݽɱЁݕѡȁ她)ͥt)ѕ݅ɑ́$Ѽɔ)̰ɕ͕ѥݽɬݽɭݥѠ)ͽ́́ͅȸ$݅́ͱݱ䁵)䄁Ё݅ɐ$ٔɅMՅ͠)ȰٕɕȰȰɕ͕ѕȁЁ)܁ݕ́ȁ啅́ѕȁٕɕа$ɕ)ѡ́ɔȁѡɔ()]Ёɔȁ́Ȁ)$ѕ٥͕ͥɥ́ݥѠɥ)ɽՍѥ䁥MѠɥݼ啅)$ɕ͕ѕٕɔɅٕյх((()ɥ̰́ 5\ѡɽ՝ɝѥ) Aԁɔ她Ѽ յ Ʌ饰)ͽٽٕѥݥѠɕ)́ѡєչЁȁЁݥѠѡ)ɥѡȁɕ%Ё݅́ɕɥ)ݥѠɅɑ]ɔ͡ѥ)ձ䁥Ёݥمͽ()!܁Ѽ́х)́Ѽ)չٕѥ)$eЁɅѕ͕ЁЁѼٔ)չٕѥȁٽѡѼٔ)5䁱չ͔ݡ$ѡ)ɽչѡչѥ́$Ѽх)]ɬ́՝͔$Ʌє)䁽ݸݡ́ݽəհЁͼ)ձЁͥ)Mɥͥ$ɽѥͼݡЁ$Ʌ)ٕɔ$٥)Սɔ́ͽ5䁝́ɔ)Ѽ܁ͥ́ͼ͕Օѱ䁵ݽɬ)䁱ѼLӊéЁݡЁ$)5չх́ٔх՝ЁЁɅɽ)饹̰Ѽ́ͼɐԁ݅ЁѼɰ)ٔeԁٔѡ́)ѡ́́ՍЁѡɹ䰁ѡ)ɥѡQ́ѥٔѡ)ٕɅͥՅѥ́Ʌ()ԁɅȁȁ́)ͼ)e̸%ѡЁ$ٔ݅́Ʌ)Ʌ쁽Ёѡͱ܁չ̰ɽ)危ȁѥeIѱ'eٔɹѼ)ɕѠɅaѥd'eЁ՝)崁Ѽ͔䁽ݸݕЁ)ё̸%ѕ͔ѕم͕ͥ́ٔՍ)ɕѼ䁽ٕɅѹ́ɕѠ((0