BAMLife Issue 2 - Page 12

Shop online at Chiropractic care Getting support and help I realized that no matter how much training you do, our bodies are limited by what our minds tells us from the signals from the brain communicating through the nervous system. A fellow endurance athlete recommended chiropractic care and adjustments to help maintain the body in its natural perfect state. Chiropractic is all about allowing the mind to maintain a healthy flow of signals from your brain to every part of your body via your nerves, thus allowing the body to self-heal and self-regulate. I have regular adjustments from chiropractor Jason O’Connor. This was a game changer for the Ultra6 team and improved our athletic performance and endurance. I heard that Bradley Wiggins has regular chiropractic care and many other sports people turning to chiropractic. What a difference having a great posture makes. Meeting or reading about people doing great things helps provide inspiration for your own ideas. Go See… Go Meet… Go Find… I have noticed with successful people whether in business or sport, like to share their success and will answer your questions. I recall wondering about learning to kayak to paddle across the English Channel. I called five different companies before I eventually got through to Richard Harpham @Canoetrails who was at the time cycling and kayaking London to Marrakech. He took the time to stop and chat for 20 minutes giving me the confidence to learn kayaking for the first time. We have since become great fr iends which provided the link to BAM. It is empowering to learn new skills, swap ideas and join communities, so why not try taking that first step? Physio and massage Why not give yourself a healthy holiday instead of just chilling on a beach and over indulging? We go to Spain to train in the mountains or on the coast to get some winter sun, and eat healthy food. So who do you go to if and when you pick up an injury? Often we have a tendency to leave things until they get worse. I have found that maintaining a regular deep sports massage is a good way to maintain good muscle health and prevent future bigger issues occurring. During our training we have support from a team Physio, Ian Harris which is really helpful when any injuries or twinges occur. Contact details O’Connor Chiropractic Harrogate & Ilkley 01423 200 020 Andy North cycle videos Cycle show: Final ascent: Healthy breaks Making a difference and giving back The most rewarding part of our challenges and records has been supporting ABF The Soldiers Charity and other worthwhile causes. This helps drives us forward to the next adventure and keeps us grounded for those less fortunate than ourselves.