BAMLife Issue 2 - Page 10

Shop online at Seven habits for success… Goals, milestones and big dreams So what are your plans, your goals, your dreams? We tend to write ours down using images to drive the vision. Statistics, measures and milestones are helpful whether it is for health, a personal challenge or business. I find this useful to make the dream a reality dealing in facts and what changes need to be made to succeed. Tracking your progress is key to succeeding and is a great way to see how far you have come. These elements help to drive the mental aspects of the challenge. Another aspect of dreams and change is being comfortable with who you are and what you stand for? What are you known for? For me now this is completely different to who I was before. Training plans Our training plans are specific depending on what challenge we are building up to, most of our challenges have involved either running or cycling or a combination of both. The Sunshine Challenge involved learning kayaking, a new skill and sport. I needed to build the mental confidence and muscle memory to allow me to cross the English Channel safely in a sma ll boat! Our major challenges have taken place in the longer daylight hours of mid summer, consequently 10 requiring us to start training during the winter months which can again be a mental barrier to getting out when it is cold and dark. I try and enter events and races to benchmark my performance and provide milestones on progress. This helps combat the negative thought patterns and doubt that can creep in. These tester sessions help prepare us by experiencing the pain of consecutive daily marathons or 100 miles on a bike for consecutive days. I need to also understand the impact of fatigue and also sleep deprivation. We tend to build these into a plan with one day, two day testers, two to three months out and then reducing training prior to the event so we can be at our peak. I should say we have begun to understand our engines better and whilst it is good to maintain a high level of fitness, we also feel the benefits of taking time out, recovering and repairing and getting a good night’s sleep. Lots of people find it difficult to deal with injury or illness, missing weeks of training and losing fitness. It becomes a psychological barrier and feels like a massive road ahead. We have found little steps, recognizing smaller goals can soon regain the training buzz. Nutrition and diet I am now more educated about well-being and nutrition than ever before and have joined a mini revolution trying to break the bad habits I was locked