Ballarat Heritage Weekend 2018 - Page 26

Music and Entertainment JACK L. STACEY PIANO CONCERT In keeping with the theme of this year’s Heritage Weekend, pianist Jack L. Stacey will examine the innovation and technology of the past 100 years in relation to the piano. WHERE: Art Gallery of Ballarat, 40 Lydiard Street North WHEN: 2.30pm, Sunday COST: Entry by donation BANDS ON THE BALCONY Lydiard Street will come alive with sound as two of Ballarat’s talented community bands play on the balconies of Lydiard Street throughout the weekend.     WHERE: Lydiard St North, the balconies of The Alexandria and The George Hotel  WHEN: 10am–5pm, Saturday and Sunday COST: Free IT’S NICE TO BE ALIVE MECHANICAL CABARET An automatic, mechanical cabaret reflecting on modern life seen through a vintage lens; brought to you by CAKE Industries (Jesse Stevens & Dean Petersen) WHERE: The cellar of Craig’s Royal Hotel, Lydiard Street South.  WHEN: 10am–5pm, Saturday and Sunday COST: Free 26 BALLARAT HERITAGE WEEKEND 2018