Bake Me A Wish 2016 Holiday Catalog V - Page 9

741. NEW! PEACH PERFECT PIE $39.95 Music to your taste buds! Pamper your sweet cravings with our Peach Pie! Made from the finest, freshest ingredients, This tantalizing crust gives way to a symphony of juicy peach slices inside. SERVES 6-8 Shipping $14.99 284. PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE PIE $42.95 This creamy pie filling, wholesome cheesecake and delectable crust will embrace your taste buds with the warmth and joy of the holidays. SERVES 6-8 Shipping $14.99 286. CLASSIC PECAN PIE $44.99 GOURMET QUICHES $39.95 A generous portion of crunchy pecans evenly embedded in the indulgent buttery filling sets the gold standard for holiday dessert experiences. Fresh, hearty, and tender, our savory quiches are seasoned to perfection, and come in the classic flavors of Florentine, Lorraine, Bacon & Tomato, and Four Cheese. SERVES 6-8 Shipping $14.99 SERVES 6-8 Shipping $14.99 • 888.987.9474, Option 2 9