Baird Global Healthcare Report 2016-2017 Global Healthcare Report - Page 10

Global Investment Banking Institutional Equities & Research Baird Capital The Rise of Consumerism How Data and Technology Are Evolving the Human Healthcare Experience AUTHOR MATT GILLMOR SENIOR RESEARCH ANALYST EQUITY RESEARCH With more skin in the game, consumers are being forced to make better-informed healthcare decisions. For the Healthcare Information Technology space, this has several important implications. First, consumers want and need more convenient, cost-effective ways to access the healthcare system. Second, consumers are demanding greater transparency regarding the cost and quality of care. Third, higher deductibles mean more revenue is generated directly from patients, requiring an additional focus on the revenue cycle for providers. Each of these challenges presents opportunities for the kind of company that can develop the right solution. 8 The U.S. healthcare system is reorienting around the consumer – a process that has broadbased implications for how and where healthcare is delivered, as well as the technology needed to support new service models. Various factors are driving this trend, chief among them the continued shift of healthcare costs from