Bahamian Escapes Magazine Fall/Winter 2016 - Page 54

DE ST INAT ION WE DDINGS Keeping the popular trend of destination wedding in mind, the beach resorts and hotels in the Bahamas have separate teams to cater all the wedding needs of the couples. They plan special activities to keep your guests engaged and entertained, which include scuba diving, tour to historic homes of Nassau, strolling at white sand beaches, etc. The team also decorates your wedding location as per your instructions, provides photography services, prepares and serves luscious food and wedding cake, provides transport to your wedding location, and more. If you are not very fond of beaches, there are several other locations too in the Bahamas where you can celebrate your happiness. You can opt for an exotic botanical garden 54 BAHAMIAN ESCAPES or a traditional church f"W"vVFFp6W&VgFW"v6R6VfPFW"BffR7F"FVRW76VFFWFFB6WW0W7Vǒ֗72WB2FB2W"FRVv&WV&VVG2bFR&2w2FP6WRW7B'&fRFR&2BV7@#BW'2&"Fǖrf"&֖'&vRƖ6V6Rv62fƖBf"2F0ǒखbFR&22W"G&VvVFFp6FFV7F'BrWBW FW7FFvVFFrBRV6FpV&W2f"ƖfR