Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 71

A while back, I heard a quote by Tony Gaskins that says, “If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.” At first, I didn’t think anything of it, I didn’t understand what that quote was really trying to say. I thought that having the dream job was enough. I thought that I would be content to spend my weekdays driving an hour each way to work. For years I thought this, but then I started to notice that the shiny, exciting job wasn’t what I thought: the environment didn’t offer room for women to advance; it was hard to live off my salary; I didn’t feel like I was valued. I didn’t know what to do. Do I look for a new job? Do I ask about advancement? Would it be giving up “the dream” if I left? I was so worried about my credi- bility and reputation and what it would mean for me to walk away from something that many would kill to be a part of. Ultimately, I decided that I needed to be in a position that was more aligned with my wants and needs. Not only did I leave the position, but I changed fields completely. At first, things seemed to be on track, that I had landed another “dream job.” I was freelancing for some great companies, work- ing better hours, making more mon ^K]H[^\[KB[[]H\[[B[HH\ܚ[܋]›[۝YX\\Y[[\^K]\[H\[[X]]H\[^]HX\Y[ۙHY[[ۈ][YH\[][H]H[ٙYH HY^\['H\\Y\[\'BH[\HX[[\Hݙ\X\]][B[\YYH[\H]]YKH\\H\K[HܚXY]ۈHXق^H\[]\]^H[HXY[K\XY]][KY][[[HXY YH]\[YH[H\ BH[\[\HYYYH[]܈^\[H[&]H[ B[^H[XXH[YH][˜]^H]H\]\[[ٙXB]8&\\X]Kܚ[\]۸&]]]^HYY[[Y[ۙH[HXZH[ۋB^Hٙ^H\ܚˈHYYYœ\^Hۈ\[\˂\H\ۛHۙH[H\KB[]Y\[ۈHY&]]H[[\ΈHXB][H\[\’HY&]ۛ][و\BX\H\[ٙ\HY&]ۛ]^H\[\[H[Y HY&]ۛ™]H\[\X[KYHYYHX[O]X][[\‘YHYYH\[\X[”[H]Hܜܘ][ۏ]Y[YYZH\H\[[[KB]Y\Hو]Y\[ۜ[[Y^HXY HYYY[ [HYYY]Y\\^K]YH\HYH[KBH\˂K\[\\HH\KB\X HۛYH[x&[Z[H][H\[\˜X\[[XXKH[Bۛ[H[H[X]\[܈[[H\[\›][[HX\ٝ[]ܛB[HX]\و[۝ˈH\XBX\HY[H]\[ٙ\[HX\][]YK[]^\[]\KHYYZB\YۛY[HX]H][ BY[ X[YYXH[\ZYۜ[]X[ܙH]\YBX[XH[[ݚ[]\\^H[ ^HX\š[Y\YHۛHܛ›^H\[\]ܛ\B\ۋ[[H[HYX܈X\܈[KB[\[H\\[[[\Xو[\YK]\H\[\[]BH\XH܈X^Hٙ\ۛ[][H[\B]Hܛ\^KZH[\[[YHX\]XB^H\K\H[HHX\][›X][]ۛ]BY]HH[[Y][ܛ[HݙHۛX[][Hۈ^[Y[H\Bۘ[][[[HX[[ܛ\[[ۙH]\[H[H\H]YKB[XYX][ZH\][][H\\[[[HܙX]H[\Y\\[\˂ˈX]\Y[HXYH›X\][\\[\]\] L Hۛ[H܈[\ۋ[BYY]HH]YKX[YYXHY]ܚ[[Y[۝[ܙX][ۈ\B\H]^\][[[Hܛ[\\[\[[\ܙYX[]KX\][\۸&]YH]\[H]\[ۙK[]Y[][HY][\[\˜X\[\^\