Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 68

4. Find a Community There are tons of entrepreneur- ial women with mental illness. Whether you’re looking for someone to bounce ideas off of, or you need a pep talk before this next call, or you just need to talk to someone because you feel like shutting the whole damn thing down, putting a support system into place is the very best tool I can recommend to you. Create friendships with people whom you know you can trust and talk to. Having these people around when sh*t hits the fan makes all the difference. 5. Sometimes Time is NOT a Luxury It’s quite possible that you sim- ply might not have TIME to do anything I just said! When I started my business, I still worked in corporate America and my business was a side hus- tle. If that’s the case, or there are any other time constraints, there are still other ways to take care of yourself. Listening to music and audiobooks while driving to work was my escape under these conditions. I would take long bathroom breaks at work and play games on my phone. I would go for drives on my lunch breaks in order to detach from the envi- ronment and recharge. There are other small things you can do, too. I’ve had times when I was up late working on my side business and overslept and didn’t have time to shower. Dry shampoo and a feminine wipe go a long way towards making you feel human again. divine content, co-creating your future with the Universe, and so forth. What little things can you do for your self care? How can you both show up in business AND show up for your mental health? Next time you’re spiraling out, or merely not functioning, use the tools above to cope with your mental illness. And remember, you are NEVER alone.  Small steps to take care of your- self add up. There are always tricks and hacks you can use to squeeze in more time to feed your soul. Feeding your soul is vi- tal when you’re an entrepreneur in order to avoid burnout, repel- ling money, attracting negativity, etc. and to shift into creating About the Author Victoria Crossman is a magic and mindset mentor who teaches women how to heal and cope using crystals, tarot, essential oils, herbs, meditation, journaling, and more. She primarily works with business owning wom- en who have mental illness. She lives with her wife and son, and a slew of animals in Cincinnati, OH. Victoria is also passionate about LGBTQ+ activism, intersec- tionality within feminism, and is a public speaker. She can be found online at 67  