Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 60

you do not have to feel like a su- perhero and get everything done at one time. I personally chose a different room for each day of the week to clean. For example, Mondays is the living room. This is when I do the deep cleaning such as dusting. By breaking this up over days, it takes less time and it keeps the house clean. The same with your business break- ing it up over days reduces the urgency and stress to completing what we want to get done in our business. Another good thing about breaking tasks up over days is that we have more time to do things that makes us happy as a person(self-care). This is a part of creating a schedule and once you do it on a regular basis, you will know what needs done each day and be able to manage any other tasks that are put on your plate in a not so stressed way! Lastly, I recently found an arti- cle that I found interesting that suggest keeping a binder for everything you do in a year. I know in just the short time that I have been in business I have accomplished a great deal. If you want to look back or refer to things you have done, a great way to do this is to get a 4-inch binder, mark it with the year, and of course decorate it in an inspirational way. Being cre- ative helps keep us focused and organized because it keeps the ideas and thoughts flowing. In this binder put your articles, blog posts, any social media posts, copies of your workbooks, and so much more. I would get dividers and once again decorate them to your liking to divide it by each month of the year. I feel like this is great way to keep track of your accomplishments as well as copies of all your work in case of electronics failure. I also suggest taking a moment at the end of the year to celebrate all you have accomplished. taking the time to put things in their place each day will save you time later. By being mindful of our space and putting things away, will create a peace of mind as well as keep you orga- nized. Motivate yourself just as you would for your business or fun activities. Set goals around staying organized and celebrate staying organized  While staying organized is hard and takes time away from oth- er things you want to be doing, About the Author I am currently a full time college student going for her AAS in business who is wanting to help heal and em- power people to be the best version of themselves to get on their path to happiness. My business Sassy FAE has gone through some major shifts in the past few months which I am excited about. I am an internet radio DJ for the Kingdom of Loathing as well as a single mom of three awesome girls. You can find me at h ​ ttps:// sassysensationalsytles/. 59