Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 59

G etting organized is not only valuable to you home life and business, it is also valuable to your peace of mind. While we often get orga- nized, we have troubles staying organized. I have reorganized my house so many times that I cannot count. The reason I have done this is because I did not stay organized from the moment I had everything organized. While everything takes practice and time to learn like any skill, there are a few simple ways to maintain organization once you are organized. First, set aside time each day to put things away. The bigger the mess you have let happen, the less likely you will find the motivation to keep it organized due to the stress and over- whelmed feelings of the mess. Take ten minutes three times a day to put away items that you are not currently using. This can be business or personal items. Make sure you put them in the place they belong not just in the area because that is moving one mess to another mess. Did you know the more disorganized your workspace is the less likely you will be able to focus and stay motivated because it is weighing on your mind? Second, sometimes we need to clean out the areas we put stuff away in. For example, storage boxes and filing cabinets. While everything is put in its place, sometimes we do not need those items any more. This is so true of items in the filing cabinets. I keep bank records and tax re- cords for 10 years and after that I shred it. Shredding is a great way to keep all your information safe. I tend to keep only one years’ worth of receipts and bills, so at tax time I clean out the ones that I do not need to hold onto any longer. This is also a good time to go through any manuals for elec- tronics and other items that we hav e collected over the years and throw out the ones we no longer need. I do not know how many I have held onto for items that I do not have anymore. Going through our file cabinets on the yearly basis reduces the amount of clutter and space need to store items to keep our mind free and clear of that task. Third, dividing up tasks like chores or things to do for our businesses over days makes it so 58