Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 56

Who is contacting me? Can they be my client? As I flip through my local Natural Awakenings, it dawns on me that my ad is the only ad targeting pets. But there is a butt load of ads from human energetic practitioners. How many of them would like to add the pets of their current clients? I wonder how many national Natural Awakenings franchises are out there? Hmmmm. Is this something I would love to do? This is a resounding yes. I love teaching. The added perk for me is that if I can help oth- er practitioners begin working with pets I reach more animals. This goes beyond my local area. I could have an overall profound effect on animals worldwide. Am I wasting my time and mon- ey on marketing a business that is not performing? Even though the monthly ad is in exchange for a monthly pet column, I still spend time writing it. Is the time I spent writing that article pro- ducing clients? How many times should I tweak the ad? Obvious- ly, people are stopping to read it and call me. The magazine is a good venue for me as the previ- ous ad did fabulously. What’s stopping me? I need to identify what’s holding me back, acknowledge it, and move for- ward. For me, it wasn’t what I set out to do. It wasn’t The Thing I Do. Once I realized that I was still honoring my core value in helping animals, just not in the manner I thought, it became eas- ier to make the decision to move my business in another direction. How does this change my plans? What are the new steps I need to take? Taking the time to write out all the necessary steps to fol- low through keeps me on point. I know what I have to do next. It also identifies where and when I need to hire outside help. The point is, just because you set out to do The Thing, doesn’t mean you can’t switch gears and do The Other Thing when the universe is continually tapping you on the shoulder about it. Only you can decide the right path you need to take to fulfill your impact on the world. Just do it.  About the Author Mary’s been involved in the pet industry since 1999 and has owned her own business since 2002. She grooms, she writes, she speaks within the professional pet industry. Mary also is a Reiki Master, as well as an Advanced Crystal Master. To get an appointment with her helps if you have four legs or feathers. However, Mary networks with the 2 legged variety. 55    