Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 52

has changed in amazing ways and hypnotherapy has had a major role in those changes occurring. I have also connected with amazing, loving, supportive like-minded individuals who bring out the best in me, who build me up when I feel down, who praise me and encourage me to keep doing what I'm doing! Not too mention, I am finally embracing who I am truly meant to be. I got my life under control, suicide is no longer an option. I have learned to reprogram my thoughts, feelings, and be- haviours. I broke free from the inner jail I was holding myself hostage in and I am now on the path to living the life I desire. I have learned that the only place I will find true love, approval, and acceptance is within my own self and so here I am … healing myself to come from a heart-cen- tered space, loving myself uncon- ditionally and without judgment, accepting and approving of ME because being able to do all those has opened up new doors to beautiful opportunities and is allowing me to become ME. My mission, A Fire in My Soul, is to inspire and empower women who are enduring similar expe- riences to what I have endured; whether it be learning to love themselves unconditionally, breaking free from their inner jail and unleashing their full potential, or a desire in creating a healthy romantic relationship. With my personal experiences in living with mental health issues, abuse and trauma, my ongoing personal development, and the knowledge and immense train- ing I have gained personally and professionally during my lifetime I am able to better understand my clients, and guide them on a journey to heal and become their true authentic self.  About the Author Lisa Kleinsasser is a Transformation Healing Guide and a Lifelong Learner. She was raised in Beautiful British Columbia Canada and currently lives in Alberta Canada. Lisa comes from a heart-centered space of love, compassion, and non-judgment. She is embracing her gifts by using different techniques to inspire and empower women who are looking for positive change in how they view themselves, in how they create and show up in a romantic relationship, and how they showcase their gifts to the world. With Lisa's guidance you can become the individual you are meant to be by learning how to break free from your own inner jail, and by harnessing your Spiritual Gifts to become your true authentic self. Lisa's FB Business Page is Harmony Haven Hypnosis & Healing, as well she has a FB Group of the same name where monthly challenges in different areas of our lives are always taking place. Lisa is also a mom and grandma to amazing kids and grand kids and she has a houseful of animals … her family and fur babies are her world! Lisa offers a free Discovery Call (value $75 CDN) to discuss how she can work with you and assist you in becoming the powerful YOU that you are meant to be.  51