Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 48

It’s always best to consult with a healer who has honed their craft a bit, but you can even do some of this work on your own. First things first, set the inten- tion to clear out your physical shit, and clean out the first space or item that comes to mind. For me, today, it’s the cardboard box under my bed. It was a bunch of junk that was on top of my dresser when we redid the mas- ter bedroom last year, and hon- estly, if I haven’t looked for it yet, I probably don’t need it. Let go of the guilt and find it’s next own- er, be in the trash bin, the thrift shop donations bucket, or your neighbor’s daughter. Once that is gone, you should feel five hundred pounds or so lighter. Yep, even if you’ve never weighed that much. Try it! It’s weight loss made easy ;-) If there’s something in that box that holds you back, stop and journal about it. Seriously. I know all of these self-help books will tell you to save it for six months in your garage or just toss it if you don’t INSTANTA- NEOUSLY know that you must keep it, but I beg to differ. For me, this came in the form of a single earring that used to be part of a pair that my godmother gave me. They were expensive earrings, and I honestly real- ly liked them. Alas, I had lost a single one of these delicious golde ́啅́ɔ)$ЁeЁչѡ)ȁѼɕѡݥѠḛ$)ձٔͅȁɅє)յЁѱ䰁܁ѕ)$ɕ́́Ʌє)M$ɹЁ䁝ե)Ёݡ$eЁ݅ЁѼ)ٔͽѡѡЁѡ͕́)́ݽѕ)$ɕ镐ѡЁ݅͡ѕ)Ѽɔ)ݡٔ͡ѡ͔ѼM$)ѡɔѡѡЁݽձ)Ёѡѡ)5ɥ٥́ȁեѥٔ䁍) ɕѽȁѡā55́ эѡ)M]Ѡѥمѥ̰͕́͡ȁ)Ѽԁȁݸեѥ]Ѡ́)ԁЁѡɽ՝ȁѥ̰ٔѼ)䁉̰ȁаɅ)չЁɔ䁥́Սѽȁչȁ)ȁ̰ͼȁ͕́́IdѼ)ԁեЁȁݡ́Ё͡Ё+20$202()䰁$ѽЁѼ)͕$ѡ͕ѡЁѼ)݅ɑ́ѡ܁ɕ́$)啥ɹ)܁ոЁݽձѼٔ)ٕȁȁͅݥ̸)ḛЁɕ䁍ѡЁͥ)=ȁи%Ёх́ѥͽ)ѥ̸́Ё)еɕհݽɬ)ЁЁ́ѥٔɕ)ѥٔѡɹ)她啱՝ѕ)ɝ́ͼՍхЁȴ)䁅ͼ䁱ѥ)ЁMQUѡЁЁ́U9 )1%Y 1)%׊eɔɕ䁙ȁɔɥ)!Iȁɕхѥ)Ѽԁ͔ȁɝ)ȁȁ᥵մ)ɝ+