Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 47

W hen I first put on the audiobook of Marie Kondo’s iconic manu- al for cleaning up your shit and becoming a minimalist, I was all gung-ho. Until she told me to throw out like every single freak- ing thing I own. I became a triggered mess. Why does she assume I can just afford to replace anything and everything anytime I want to? Why does she assume that my job is OK with me wearing the same four outfits week after week after week? I live in NEW JERSEY!!! LAND OF THE 90 DEGREE MONDAY AND THE BLIZZARD ON FRI- DAY!! I NEED ALL KINDS OF CLOTHES IN MY CLOSET!! So I got rid of like a whole lot of not much. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I cleared out bags and bags of old clothes that no longer fit, or were no longer age appro- priate, but seriously, my closet will never hold all of my clothes at once. It’s a tiny ass closet. And I like clothes. But, during my cleaning, some- thing magical happened. This was also about the time that I learned about the Law of At- traction, and the concept that you need SPACE for new things to come into your life. This idea that the Universe doesn’t like a vacuum. The more shit I threw out, the more awesomeness happened. I threw out a pair of ratty old snow boots. I received an extra shift at my part time job. I donated a ginormous bag of dresses. I received an unexpected check in the mail. I returned three outfits with tags on them. I received my refund PLUS found some coins on the ground. At the same time, something within me started to shift, and I quit running and hiding from my spirituality. So, in the spirit of fully embracing my gifts, I went for a Reiki session and had my energy cleared. WHOOOEEEE MAMA! Not only did my energy get cleared, but MAN OH MAN OH MAN did things start to change! Those extra shifts became job offers and client appointments. Those unexpected checks be- came bigger. Those coins became dollar bills. And so on, and so on and so on. When I fired those “free be- ta-test” clients that kept taking the freebies and never buying, I suddenly had three paypal notifi- cations on an old passive income project. When I dropped out of sales funnels whose newsletters I had been ignoring, not only did my inbox clear up, but I found a check that was about to expire. When I donated a handful of services to women in need, I found cash in my closet. IN MY CLOSET. Clearing your energy and clear- ing your space go hand in hand, and they are honestly the FIRST STEP to manifesting. You know that keeping old receipts and rubber bands and junk around is the equivalent of hanging onto resentment and old memories, and that leaving your ex-boy- friend from high school’s jacket in the back of your closet is just as bad as hanging onto limiting beliefs that money doesn’t grow on trees. SPOILER ALERT: Money is energy and energy is EVERYWHERE!!! So, how does one CLEAR OUT one’s space and energy in order to receive?!? I’m glad you asked! 46