Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 45

help with my nonfiction book. So if something is not working for your business or personal life, you have to choose one route at the forked road: work harder, or work differently. So go on with your badass self; climb the proverbial or literal huge mountain when it comes to your personal and business goals as you keep these three tips in mind. I’ll see you on the flip side and I’ll be ready to congratulate you on your achievements.  About the Author Roseanney is a writer, hiker, and ESL teacher in Los Angeles, California where she’s raising two adorable rascals with her husband. She’s the best selling author behind two nonfiction books and working on her third book right now, A Crazy Day on the Job as a… If you would like to talk shop about publishing, have her as a speaker at your event, or share crazy stories about your job for her upcoming book, please reach out.    44