Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 43

the Beast, ask for help when you need it, and pursue your goals relentlessly. You WILL achieve, it’s just a matter of how and when. If you have a huge goal you are working towards it but no results are happening, you don’t just quit. You then have two choic- es: work harder or work dif- ferently. Nobody knows which is the right strategy except you – and perhaps your business coach and your Mastermind group – at the center of it. I know I can work harder to get more things done in a timely manner, I know I can do more to market myself as a writer, as an independent publisher and a teacher of vari- ous courses that I offer, but I al- low distractions to take my focus off occasionally. I also know that sometimes, no matter how hard I’ve worked, I don’t see fruits of my labor and that’s when I know I need to change up what I’ve been doing, that I need to work differently. So our forked road is not whether to continue on with the same ol’ same ol’ methods versus quitting; the forked road is between work harder or work differently. Pick one route and move on. With my first attempt hiking on Kilimanjaro, I went as far as I could without getting to the point of (irreversibly) losing too much oxygen in my blood or losing my digits from frostbite; but with my next summiting attempt, I know how to work differently. Next time – perhaps a year from now – I will already know what tools and preparation I can bring in order to keep my- self a lot warmer as the climate at 19,000 feet is unforgiving; I will know what things I can do to combat exhaustion now that I understand to what extent I could be exposed to the fatigue and how little sleep I’d get; I will know how many hours it will take from the last base camp to the summit and what I need to do physically and mentally with each 1,000 feet of elevation in order to make it to the top. So in other words, I will choose the route of working differently when I tackle this mountain in Africa again next time. Same thing with publishing: I’ve learned mistakes along the way when my books were released in March, so next time with the release of my third book, I will know to imple- ment a better timeline of ask- ing for book reviewers for their time; I know which printers I can solicit better quotes to print author’s copies; I know where I can get more editors’ 42