Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 39

industries, and lives. Every single day I support amazing ladies who are kick- ing ass, influencing the world around them, and developing their own type of extraordinary lives. I am dangerously over-educated, habitually over-dressed, and seriously over all the noise and traditional "rules" for what business, success, and life are sup- posed to be. With an MS in Psychology, an MBA, thousands of hours working in the mental health and helping field, and years of experience at a creative consulting agen- cy, I support the new generation of business leaders, creatives, and entrepre- neurs wh ¼­¹½ÜÑ¡•¥È¹•áЁÍѕÀ¥Ì‰¥œ°‰•…Õ͔Ñ¡•ä‘½»ŠeЁ‘¼…¹åÑ¡¥¹œÍµ…±°¸)¹¹•¥Ñ¡•È‘¼$¸)İİܹ‘•Í¥É••Ü¹½´+¾20ƒ¾2$ƒ¾2´(Ìà