Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 37

people’s various oc- cupations. She offers three e-courses on her website: Badassery 101: How to Harness your Inner Confidence to Live Greatly; Accultur- ation for English Learn- ers; and Hiking High Mountains for Newbies. Besides teaching an adult ed class on how to independently publish books like a pro, she is bringing a new talk to high school and college campuses about the 3 Do’s and Don’ts in or- der to master student success. When not working, you can find Rosean- ney chilling on a SoCal beach with her family, hiking, or traveling. She also enjoys hitting golf balls semi-acceptably at the local range or Netflix binging with Cherry Garcia. If you would like to talk shop about publishing, have her as a speaker at your event, or share crazy stories about your job for her upcoming book, please reach out at     36