Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 33

Challenge: Daily Meditation Practice Take a comfortable seated position with your legs crossed in front of you or sitting on a chair. If you feel uncomfortable, elevate your hips so they are slightly above your knees by sitting on a pillow or blan- ket. Connect with your body and make sure you will be as comfortable as possible during the time that you will be meditat- ing. (5 min, 10 min, 15 min, etc.) Keep your back in its natural curvature, sitting tall. You can place a pillow behind you and lean up against a wall or chair. Focus on your inhale and exhale and breathe. Distracting thoughts will start to come into your mind but with each breath begin to let those go. Ideas will pop up. Trust yourself that if they’re meant to be they will still be there for you after your medi- tation and let those go. Give this moment back to yourself by be- ing present and just breathing. No need to put any effort in your breath. Just breath and notice your breath. Set a timer. When your timer ends go about your day Begin to find and focus on your breath. Allow all other thoughts to disperse and find your breath. Repeat as often as you like throughout the day to reconnect and ground yourself. About the Author Camille is a wedding and commercial photographer and full time yoga ambassa F"6RfW2FV6pBFw&rGfVGW&W2frBFvFV'FVRbRfRFW&RbRfPW'6VbBFRV'FB&RfRvFVpW"֖BF6vRB&WGFW&rW"ƖfRWBw2&Pg&VG26֗&6Wv6А6֖WF6ВЮУ3