Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 31

have nothing to contribute. There are hundreds of other humans out there that are doing what I’m trying to do and doing it better. -I just want to give up. -I’m so discouraged. -My creativity river has run dry. I have no more ideas. Ask yourself these YES/NO questions: -Do I love myself? -Each day do I have a peaceful still moment in my life? -Do I receive inspiration every- day? -Do I feel confident in my abili- ties each day? How are your answers? How’d you fair? Are there some things you’d like to change? If so, start today. Begin your new journey today, your new practice. Prac- tice everyday and find your heart breaking open. Through yoga I have been able to change the false sayings I use to repeat to myself over and over; the saying that were holding me back. I have rid myself of the negative thoughts that are weigh- ing me down. Sure, I still have days where I say “Oh, hell with it. I’m a fatty and a failure and I want to sit here and eat this en- tire bag of kettle cooked salt and vinegar chips and binge watch TV.” BUT those moments come a lot less and when those mo- ments do come I allow myself the pleasure of one day, I don’t beat myself up, and then I let those feelings go and breathe into the next day with more dedication. “Practice, practice, practice. All is coming.” Each day you breathe, take a moment to at least step onto some holy space- it can be a yoga mat, a medita- tion cushion, a blanket, pillow, shower…whatever calls most to you. Practice mindfulness, being present, focus on your breath, and accept yourself for who you are in this moment of your jour- ney. Breathe, practice and all is com- ing.