Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 30

after post and viewing image af- ter image and I felt light. This is what I needed. If yoga did every- thing that this incredible women said it could do this is something I wanted in my life. I started with online videos, after a year I signed up for a 200 hr teacher training and here I am. 4 years later; a teacher but always a student of yoga but with so much more growth, peace, and a closeness to the divine (and the ability to touch my toes.) As a full time wedding and portrait photographer and yoga ambassador I feel confident in calling myself a boss babe and it is rough; on your body and mind. Being self employed can be nuclear on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Yoga is my outlet to find peace, focus, 29 inspiration, and energy to be successful. By starting yoga and trying to develop a daily medita- tion practice, I find myself truly being with my wedding clients; laughing and crying with them during photoshoots and ceremo- nies, really listening to them as they share their love story and feeling the joy that radiates from their hearts. Yoga and medita- tion has changed my business because it’s changed my heart. One of my close friends said it best; we were connecting over the emotions and feelings of losing a sibling - hers to sui- cide, and mine to an automobile accident. Although they died in different circumstances they died before their time with a full life still to live. We were discuss- ing the emotions, sorrow, and overwhelming grief that comes with the death of a loved one. I mentioned how my brother’s death had broke my heart and I felt it could never be fully mend- ed (similar to a scar being left after a gash on your arm so does the death of a loved one on your heart.) My friend said “Yes, I feel my heart was broken but it was broken open; open to a new life with more meaning, pur- pose, and love.” How beautiful, poetic, and simple. Our hearts can break but we choose if they break apart or break open. I feel yoga has helped heal my heart by breaking it open to new possibil- ities and happiness. Have you ever felt or said this to yourself? -I have no idea what to do to be more successful? Make more money? Get more followers? - I feel like I’m worthless and