Badassery Magazine November 2017 Issue 18 - Page 29

“Practice, practice, practice. All is coming.” – Sri K Pattabhi Jois I say this quote to myself as I start a new beginning. Suc- cess does not come in an instant, a following on social media doesn’t happen overnight, and a handstand doesn’t happen the first moment you start a yoga practice. Success, growth, and achievement come bits and bits at a time. Piece by piece. Line upon line. Breath by breath. Weeks later I was scrolling habit- ually through social media and a world-renowned yoga practi- tioner miraculously popped onto my “suggestions” feed. I honest- ly don’t know how she got there. Yoga wasn’t even on my radar. Yoga was for skinny, athletic, flexible, strong people, right? The idea of me; in the overweight category of BMI, couldn’t hold a plank for longer than 7 seconds or touch my toes, and couldn’t manage a proper pushup doing yoga was laughable. However, I was drawn to the beauty of the image so I read the post and I felt something in my heart pulse. Something drew me to those words and the way it made me feel. I went to her account and spent the next hour reading post 4 years ago I was a newlywed, first year high school teacher, part-time professional photogra- pher; I was struggling with feel- ing peace, happiness, and calm. The first 18 months of our mar- riage were full of giant in mood swings. I’d be laughing and happy and then within minutes I was screaming out of vW"@FV֖WFW2FW"fvrFB6&&rגWW2WB6PBF6wW7BBvFrFFPBWvvW&F6WFpv2fbv2V6V7FVBFח6VbBגW"ƖvBऒ6vVBfWr&G2B7F'BЦVBvF6rvBv2WGFpFג&GBBVVBvFFRB7vw2'WBvV@f"&RV6RBFRfVVƖpb&V6֖rFRW'6FBWr6VB&RfVBfB67F'FVB&r&Vr&6V@7G&7B&VƖvW2W6VBB7G&rfFFB6VpvVBvWB7vW"6RGPbwVF6R"fVVƖrFBvV@VBRFRF&V7FFBVVFVBFv#